Household Starter Kits Deliver Love and Hope

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Love INC’s partner churches kicked the Household Starter Kit ministry into high gear in 2012! Through generous contributions of goods, love, and time, caring servants delivered 256 starter kits to families and individuals in need throughout Lake County, compared to 185 visits in 2011.

In mid-November, a team from Love INC partner Libertyville Covenant Church delivered starter kits in North Chicago. The group brought the gift of dishes, silverware, pots & pans, bath towels, and other household essentials to five families in need.
“It’s good to know that we met these families’ need for the starter kit today,” Pastor Brian reflected. “It’s difficult to consider the many other needs and challenges in their lives, but it’s with a great Amen and an Alleluia that we met this one need in their list of many.”  Amen and alleluia, indeed!

LCC 11-10-2012 starter kit delivery
The delivery team shares dishes and a smile with one of our neighbors in need.