Love Story from the Furniture Ministry

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 Recently, one of our church furniture delivery teams visited a young mom and her two small children in Waukegan. The only lighting in the apartment was on one wall in the living room. The only furniture was a folding sports chair and a wool blanket. Mom and her two little ones had been sleeping on the cold tile floor. We were able to bless her that day with a whole apartment of furniture- a couch, a living room chair, TV and TV stand, lamps, kitchen table and four chairs, a microwave, beds for all three, and dressers. They are now able to eat meals together as a family, relax together in their newly furnished living room, and sleep comfortably at night.

 Mom blessed us with her tears and words of thanks. Her four year old son watched intently as one member of the team put his bed together. When it was done he told him to tell Mom that he has a good bed now. The little boy took off running and yelling,“Mom, I have a bed!!!”

Just knowing that someone cares made a world of difference for this family. Are you called to serve those in need in our community? We have opportunities for all talents and interests. Visit our website to see the many opportunities to join us today!