The Clearinghouse: the Foundation of Love INC’s Ministries

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“Hello, Love in the Name of Christ. How can I help you?” This phrase greets those calling our Clearinghouse hundreds of times a week. Those in need are calling looking for help. Local churches and agencies are seeking support for their members. The Clearinghouse is the first step of any opportunity to serve by:
  • Knowing the resources available in the community and identifying service gaps where new church ministries can be developed
  • Connecting the person in need with those that can best serve them: churches, agencies and other community resources
  • Providing developmental compassion, where the focus is on the whole person & situation, not just the expressed need
  • Training and nurturing volunteers to serve in manageable and successful opportunities
  • Providing a strong foundation to grow life-changing relational and transformational ministries
The Clearinghouse provides a central point for those in need to get support and for those that want to serve to do so efficiently.  In fact, without the Clearinghouse Love INC’s Ministry would cease to exist!
Is the Lord calling you to share the love of Christ with those in need over the phone in our Clearinghouse? Contact us today to share your time in this vital way with those in your community!