From the Desk of a Thankful Family

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Ever wonder if what you do makes a difference? We all have those thoughts from time to time. Often, it is at that moment that God sends a little tidbit to remind us that we do, when we faithfully serve Him! Here’s one of those tidbits that we recently received at Love INC:

Dear Jacqui,
I wanted to thank you with a phone call but my minutes have gone quick,so I am sending this email instead.

As I walk the journey of my life, I realize God’s ways are mysterious. Dramatic situations in our lives have brought me and my girls, once alone, to good Christian friends. As I walked out of an abusive relationship, I knew in my heart God was the lead and I trusted Him and changed Lake Forest for “A Safe Place” shelter in Waukegan. You were a blessing with beds and sheets, and all the thoughtful things that came into our apartment.

I pray for the hands of all who have allowed us to see God’s army in action. I still don’t know how or where me and my girls will end, but I trust that, good or bad, it is the Lord’s will.

Thanks and blessings,

a Love INC client family