Love Story: Furniture Ministry

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One of our furniture ministry servants shares her thoughts after a delivery in June:
“What a beautiful day today was. Yes, the weather was beautiful but what I’m talking about is much, much more than the weather. Earlier this summer, Love INC of Lake County was on the move delivering starter kits (kitchen basics) to families in need. Today, we partnered with Village Church of Gurnee, delivering desperately needed beds, kitchen tables, couches, and more.


But this is not a story about Love INC or Village Church of Gurnee. Even though I am writing this, it’s not my story either. It’s the story about the Spirit of God. Today there was fellowship, smiles, laughter, prayers, and tears all rolled up into one. It wasn’t just about the furniture that was needed. God’s love extends far beyond that. It’s about the relationships that are formed and what happens beyond the furniture. It’s people loving people, coming alongside each other, helping each other without reservation – living life TOGETHER. It’s community under the grace of the one and only Living God.”


Would you like to be part of building relationships for Christ? Join us in serving those in need in our community. Opportunities abound! Visit our website or call us at our new number 847.782.8360 and get connected today!