Serving to Transform

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Transformational Ministry is a new strategy being launched in 2017 to help our struggling neighbors achieve their God-given potential. Love INC’s desire is to invest relationally with our families, walking side-by-side with them to help them realize personal growth and life skills that will move them beyond the harsh circumstances they live in today. We are so excited to add this new way of serving to our growing ministry!


So how will Love INC do this, you ask?

Beginning in early 2017, Love INC will offer a series of community classes on life skills and practical topics that will help our struggling neighbors to set goals and take steps towards improving their lives. Through on-going supportive relationships with our volunteers developed in these classes, we desire to see the students transformed. We recognize that transformation can take many different forms – for example, learning to set boundaries, understanding their own gifts and abilities, or taking the steps to land that needed job.


Two things are common to all types of transformation

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First, participation. In 2 Kings, chapter 4, Elisha asks the destitute widow “What do you have in your house?” We believe that our struggling neighbors have the capacity to participate in their own transformation. Each person is uniquely gifted with skills and talents that can contribute positively to their situation. We desire to see everyone live up to their own potential. These community classes will encourage and challenge families to begin to see the role they can take in their own growth. The widow only had a small jar of oil. God turned it into abundance overflowing. We want to see that for our families in need.


myr-02-2015-squareSecond, relationship.  Transformation takes place in the context of relationship. But for our struggling neighbors, often there is a sense of isolation, shame or the lack of courage to take the steps needed to make changes. Sometimes they need someone there to tell them “You matter to God and to me. Yes, I know it’s difficult, but you can do this.” We desire to reach out and walk with our neighbors as they dream that life could be different and help them find the courage to take steps in that direction. In that relationship, we also provide a connection to a local church, where they can continue to experience the redemption and transformation that only Christ can provide.


That’s where YOU, our loving volunteers, come in!

This new mode of ministry offers so many opportunities for Christ-followers to participate, using their talents to build relationships and experience this transformation along with our struggling neighbors. From a role seemingly as simple as a greeter at the classes to something more in-depth as teaching or helping to manage the incentive program, God has a place for all the talents He has given us.

Will you join us?

For more information on what we are doing or how you can serve in this new ministry mode, contact or attend our next Volunteer Orientation. Find your place to serve!



Transformational Ministry Curriculum

Affirming Potential is the first class that will be offered. This 12-week course takes the participant through understanding their past and how it led them to their current situation, and on to dreaming and hoping about the future. The participant sets goals and defines a series of action steps towards achieving those goals.

Some examples of other community classes we hope to offer are:

Budgeting:  Establishing and living within a budget

Job Skills: Helping the participant learn the life-skills needed to find and keep a job, as well as navigate community resources that link job-seekers with training and businesses

Boundaries: Setting healthy boundaries in personal relationships

Life-skills: Healthy eating and cooking, calendar management, parenting, etc.