God’s Work Behind the Scenes: The Warehouse

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Cleaned, prepped, and ready to deliver!

Supporting the many ministries here at Love INC of Lake County stands the behind-the-scenes work of the warehouse. Servants from our partner churches join together to repair furniture, pick out items for our neighbors in need, build starter kits, and strive to make sure that what leaves the warehouse is beautiful and inspires worship to God. The warehouse is a joyful place with a growing community of believers coming together to give our neighbors in need the best that we can give. And it is a place where God’s providence is seen week in, week out.


Love Story from the Mission Field

Recently, we were informed that a major hotel in the area would be closing its doors and relinquishing all its furniture to local agencies. We were called in to take whatever we could fit into our box trucks. It was an incredible opportunity for dressers, lamps, nightstands, etc. – you name it – all things that are needed by our struggling neighbors. They pitched us a date during the week and we started recruiting volunteers, always a difficult task for a midweek, daytime serve.

But as the day approached it became clear that the hotel would not be ready to empty their rooms yet. We waited to see if anything would change, but received no firm confirmation. We had already been recruiting volunteers for the date they had given us, and now we were preparing to tell them to stay home. It seemed like we had mustered the troops for nothing.

The day before we were going to call it off, right when I had informed the team leaders that we were probably going to cancel, we received a message from the leader of Crosslife Church’s furniture team, tipping us off to an opportunity in Libertyville. Upscale Rummage Sale was moving. And in order to ease the cost of the move, they were emptying a 10,000 square foot space to any agency that could come by.

We spread the word. Volunteers came together from multiple churches in the area: Mt. Sinai Institutional Baptist Church, Village Church of Gurnee, Immanuel Church, Gurnee Community Church, Libertyville Covenant Church. They took all three of the trucks and filled them to the brim with everything from linens to lamps to sofas to dressers. God provided beautiful furniture equaling and probably even exceeding what we might have gotten from the hotel.


Now, this is an amazing, big story. But little versions of this story happen just about every week in the warehouse. It’s a place where God’s providence is shown in the small things and in the big. If you’re someone who enjoys organization, hands-on work, and good conversation, then we’d love to have you become a part of the warehouse ministry. Connect with us at this link or email info@loveinclakecounty.org to get connected and experience the stories God is telling behind-the-scenes.